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I am a new subscriber to this list and i just wanted to give my first
            How come a number of people on this list like Van Morrison?
            I am a big fan but I rarely run into other fans and certainly
            not on a net.

            Can anyone advise me on playing in time? I jammed with another
            musician a while ago and was appallingly off- any hints?

            I haven't seen any mention of the new Hohner harps. I bought a
            Marine Band in C last December. It's more 'solid' than the older
            style, screwed together, very nice notes all over- even the low
            blow notes and LOUD.

(I should add that I am an nth rate blues player, where n-->infinity,
who has dabbled with a chromatic and plans to try some traditional Irish music.
There are some fine traditional players around, just a little hard to find.)

Michael Carley


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