Vocal mikes

In response to message from George Bozwick...

 >       Dose anyone on the list use vocal mikes instead
 > of the
 > usual Astatic or bullet mikes.  As an alternative, I
 > have started using a Shure 545 through the PA system
 > and find it a refreshing change from what I usually
 > have done in the past.

It's all a matter of taste. I use a crystal bullet mic and a guitar amp because
I like the overdriven, slightly distorted sound. I stopped using a Shure "Green
Bullet" because it was a little too distorted for my taste. Lots of people use
vocal mics, particularly the 545, because they like that cleaner, brighter
sound. It all depends what you like.

BTW, your message was filled with "garbage characters" that
looked like untranslated ANSI characters. Don't know why
that was...

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