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    I wrote to Parga Music and asked about the harmonica concerto which was
    mentioned in earlier posts. Here is the (paper mail) reply I received in

    >PARGA MUSIC a division of
    >113 Magnolia Lane
    >Princeton, NJ 08540
    >Tel 609 921-6374
    >Fax 609 924-7677

    >May 22, 1993

    >Dear Mr. ELy:

    >Thank you for your inquiry.

    >My harmonica concerto is for the four-octave instrument. It is scored for
    >full symphony orchestra and is about 27 minutes long. The concerto was
    >written at the request of John Sebastian, but he did not live to perform
    >it. In fact, it has still to receive its premiere.

    >A miniature orchestra score is available for $20.00

    >                                   Best regards,

    >                                      Frank Lewin

    Just a note for clarification. John Sebastion was a world renowned
    classical harmonicist. He passed away a number of years ago. He was the
    father of the John Sebastian we know from his harmonica work on the TV
    series "Welcome Back Kotter" and the group, "Lovin' Spoonful". He recently
    came out with a blues harp instructional video (from Homespun Tapes).

    I have not yet ordered the concerto but plan to. I could probably never
    play it, but may tackle parts of it. - 20 bucks seems very reasonable.
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