Administrivia: Internet gateway change for WKU

In an effort to help alleviate problems we've had with BITNET
backlogs, I've changed WKU's Internet gateway from UKCC to ULKYVM.
If you're on the Internet, mail from here will now be percent-hacked
with a return address of xxx%WKUVX1.BITNET@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
While ugly, the address should satisfy Internet purists who say
.BITNET addresses should never reach the Internet unless they're

In any case, the change eliminates one BITNET hop, the one that's been
responsible for the delays for the past week and a half.  ULKYVM is
the next BITNET node from WKU, so the mail delays should be
significantly reduced.  There are plans to increase the speed of the
line from 9600 baud to a whopping 19.2K in the next few weeks.
Unfortunately, that's the highest speed we can do with the current
equipment.  Still, every little bit helps, and I suspect that the
combination should help dramatically.

FILESERV@WKUVX1 should be in operation again Thursday afternoon, if
all goes well.  Thanks for your patience!

Hunter Goatley, VMS Systems Programmer, Western Kentucky University
goathunter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (or goathunter%wkuvx1.bitnet@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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