which Key?

I suggest that you buy other keys and at the same time, try out other
models of harps.  I bought Lee Oskar, Hohner Golden Melody, Huang, and
Hohner Meisterklasse before I had two of the same key.  Then I decided I
liked Golden Melody the best and bought more keys in that harp.

The D is a good next step because it will be easier to bend the 2 draw and
get both bent notes as well as the 3 bent notes on 3 draw.  But it will be
taxing to dogs in your neighborhood to play the 8,9, and 10 blow bends!

So get the A harp to work on the 8,9, and 10 blow bends and get the D to
work on the low note bends.  When you have all the notes between these two
harps, try to get the low note bends on the A and High blow bends on the D.

It's always something....


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