Mike Turk's "Harmonica Salad"

Announcing a potpourri of jazz and blues harmonica music by a gifted
and little known harmonica player from Boston, named Mike Turk:

	"Harmonic Salad"
	Tin Sandwich Music
	P.O. Bos 121
	Cambridge, MA 02140
	(800) 932-2018
	$15, including shipping and handling ($20 for international)

Mike is a disciple, student and friend of Toots Thielsman.  He plays
both diatonic and chromatic, with a strong preference toward the
latter.  Turk has been playing the best jazz rooms in the Boston area
for many years.  He has a devotion to his craft that would be the envy
of every musician.  He was a founder of the Cambridge Harmonica
Orchestra which has marched in parades in numbers approaching

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