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Luc Robert <Luc.Robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>|> If anyone is interested in getting ahold of this and/or PLAYING it,
>|> please let me know.
>I'm interested. I'm not sure I'll be able to play it, especially there are chord
>in it. But then my teacher might be interested, and I can make a tape of him.

Good deal.  I'll write to the publisher for a copy, but if anyone else
wants to also, here is the address:

	Parga Music
	113 Magnolia Lane
	Princeton, New Jersey  08540

>By the way, I recently bought a record from Bonfiglio. This guy seems to be able
>play fast, but I really find that his sound is fragile (his vibrato also seems
>a bit weak). What do you harpers think of him ?

It is interesting that you mention Bonfiglio.  Just yesterday a friend
of my (who knows I'm into harp) heard another Harmonica Concerto on
the College Radio station (which my music appreciation teacher works
at).  She told me a little about it, so I'll share that with all of

>The piece by Villa-Lobos is the Harmonica Concerto which we have at the
>station on an RCA recording with Robert Bonfiglio as soloist.  The orchestra
>is the New York Chamber Symphony, under the direction of Gerard Schwarz.
>If you want to find the recording, the UPC code is 7863-57986-2 (RCA Victor
>Red Seal).  There are a bunch of little harmonica pieces by Heitor Villa-Lobos
>on it, too.  Personally, I'm not so fond of the Concerto; I suspect some of
>the short works may be better.

Here's something else some of you may be able to identify (it sounds
familiar to me, but I couldn't place it exactly).

>My Dad's name is Frank Lewin, by the way, for your posting and/or information.
>He is probably best known for having written incidental music (remember that
>from Music Appreciation?) for the T.V. show THE DEFENDERS (but only people
>over a certain age will remember the show).  His opera will hopefully be
>premiered this coming Novmeber....

That's pretty much it.  Like I said I'll try to get a copy of the
Concerto by Mr Lewin, and I'll let you all know when it comes in.

Let me know if there is any more interest in this or this type of


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