Classical Harmonica

Wow, the list sure has been dead lately.  Hopefully this will help a

If anyone is interested in classical harp playing this may be for you.

My music appreciation teacher's father wrote a harmonica concerto.
Here's part of the letter she sent me talking about it.

>I hope one or more of your harp buddies is interested in my Dad's piece.
>I believe he wrote it for Larry Adler, who could not read music, so he
>never performed it.  I _do_ remember Larry Adler coming over to our 
>house once when I was a kid, and sitting at the dining room table after
>dinner playing his harmonica.  It would certainly tickle my father if
>someone were to want to perform the piece after all these years.

Her father wrote this piece a while back (several years), and to date
it has NEVER been played.

If anyone is interested in getting ahold of this and/or PLAYING it,
please let me know.  I would like to hear it myself, maybe we could
get someone to play/record it and get some copies to people who want
them....  Just a thought.  But I'm not good enough to play simple
stuff, let alone something like this.


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