Re: G harp's killing me

> Bigger reeds make the G harder to bend. Takes more air to get them
> moving.

    Physicists in the audience?  How much more than the reeds on an A,
which I bend all over the place?  Since I've been playing the A for over
a year with no trouble, advice aimed at beginners who can't bend
anything at all (such as `practice, practice, practice') is unlikely to

> 2.  Adjust  the  "action"  of the lower  reeds.  The draw  reeds are the
>     obvious place to begin, but the blow reeds if set too high will leak
>     more air too.  (Action is the  distance  between the tip of the reed
>     and the  plane of the  reed  plate.)  For  general  use, 1 to 2 reed
>     thicknesses  is the  corect  height.  You might  want to go lower or

This sounds worth while.  How do you do it?

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