Re: amps

Try out a Peavey Classic 50/410.  I tried one next to a Bassman reissue.
I bought the Peavey without hesitation.

The Peavey is 50 watts, 4 ten inch speakers, all tube, reverb, normal
and lead channels, 3-band eq, and a presence control for extra treble.
It has great tone.  I auditioned a lot of amps.  IMHO, harp is much
more demanding on an amp's tone than guitar is.  Get up around 6-draw
on a C harp, and most amps give off a screechy, ear-burning sound.
Tube amps are better than solid state in this regard.

I paid $550 for the amp.  I've seen the Bassman discounted to $700.
I'm happy with the Classic 50.


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