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>This may be a kind of "off the wall question", but does anybody know anything
>about recording a demo tape- how much studio time should cost, what the tape
>should include, how much time a song takes on average?The band I play with
>(I guess we are a "rock" group) is thinking about putting one together in order
>to get gigs.

This is a BIG question.  it depends on the following:

	1. What format of tape: direct to DAT, four-track cassette,
	eight-tracks, sixteen, twenty-four, analog or digital?

	2. Play live in one pass or multitrack with overdubs?

	3. How good does it need to sound?

	4. How many songs (four is enough for the average demo)?

You might do it for under $100 or for over $5000 depending on how you choose to
do it.

Advice: Call up studios, make appointments to visit them, get samples of what
they have recorded, ask for a breakdown of costs for a four song demo.  Then
figure out who had the best sounding tapes and the best deals, and pick whoever
comes up high on both lists.  Also get recommendations from other musicians as
to where *they* have been to record, and whether they would go back again!

Hint: Don't work with someone who is "just starting out".  Find a studio and
engineer that has plenty of projects behind them.

						Brian Rost
						DEC, Hudson, MA

      "Have you noticed how the hole in the ozone layer has grown
       progressively larger since rap got popular?" -Anonymous

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