Re: Astatic Mics

>    ASTATIC JT30 vs. HOHNER BLUES BLASTER: - Both are made by Astatic. I like
>    the volume control idea on the BB but think it is also available on the
>    Astatic. - I got an old Astatic JT30 off a guy about a year ago. It was
>    mounted on a desk stand and had a talk/listen switch on it, from a Ham
>    radio set up. The cable connector was weird. My son rewired it, minus the
>    stand, put a .25" RCA plug on it and now I have a nice vintage JT30 - this
>    thing must be out of the 50's at least. Anyway - Hint - Look around ham /
>    electronic swap meets for a deal an old JT30 mic. It was a standard for
>    hams for a long time.

The screw on type connector is known as an Amphenol connector (after the
manufacturer that invented it) as was common on PAs until the late 50s. As late
as 1980 or so Radio Shack still sold an Amphenol to 1/4" mike cord, and I
believe Switchcraft still sells Amphenol to XLR and Amphenol to 1/4" adapters.

The prices on the JT30 are nuts...I see price tags of $75 or so which cracks me
up because I used to drag my harp-playing buddies to radio supply houses in the
late seventies and buy these for $7.95 each.  This was before Shure
reintroduced the Bullet.  When the Bullet came back with that ridiculous price,
Astatic decided to join in.  Talk about gouging the market!

Going to swap meets is a good idea, not only for mikes, but old tube amps as

						Brian Rost
						DEC, Hudson, MA

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