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Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 09:57:00 EST
From: "JACK ELY"
Subject: Re: Mics
Posting-date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 00:00:00 EST


    SHAKER: I have a friend who has a shaker and he likes it. I think the size
    and light weight have a lot going for it. I gave it a try using a
    chromatic and was able to get a clean sound, with little or no distortion
    - to me a sign of a good mic is how clean you can get it - even if you
    don't intend to use it that way.

    ASTATIC JT30 vs. HOHNER BLUES BLASTER: - Both are made by Astatic. I like
    the volume control idea on the BB but think it is also available on the
    Astatic. - I got an old Astatic JT30 off a guy about a year ago. It was
    mounted on a desk stand and had a talk/listen switch on it, from a Ham
    radio set up. The cable connector was weird. My son rewired it, minus the
    stand, put a .25" RCA plug on it and now I have a nice vintage JT30 - this
    thing must be out of the 50's at least. Anyway - Hint - Look around ham /
    electronic swap meets for a deal an old JT30 mic. It was a standard for
    hams for a long time.

    SHURE GREEN BULLET: Never tried one but just wanted to throw in that it is
    being manufactured again, thanks to the resurgence in the popularity of
    the harmonica. Think I saw it in J & R Music World cat. and also in Music
    Emporium Cat.

    STRNAD: I tried the chromatic model (same mic just longer). I liked the
    sound and even with a 16 hole chromatic it was easy to hold. I thought it
    made my tone sound better. I didn't buy one though, it was not possible to
    quickly switch harmonicas because of the way it mounts and it covers the
    whole harp so hand effects (vibrato) are limited. I don't know if that's
    really a drawback or not. It could be used as an auxiliary mic, set up for
    special effects - say some chuggin' on a low F harp.

    I'm no mic expert - these are just my thoughts,

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        Mississippi Saxophone newsletter - same address - $12.00 yr bimonthly

    P. S.
    If anyone hears of SHURE ribbon mics for sale let me know. I would be
    interested in Models 315 and 330.
                                                                Jack Ely

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