Shaker mike

 > I've got a Shaker that I'm pretty happy with (though
 > it's the only mike I've
 > owned, and I'd been playing through a *heavy* vocal
 > mike.  It's smaller and
 > lighter than the bullets I looked at, and sounds fine
 > with the borrowed Fender
 > Tremolux I've been playing with.

For $20 today, somebody sold me a Hohner Blues Blaster with a blown crystal
element. I popped the dynamic element out of my Shure Green Bullet, slapped it
in the Hohner, did a little soldering and voila! A mike that sounds like a Green
Bullet, weighs about half as much and has volume and XLR connections. Plus it
has that truly cool look of the Blues Blaster, with the blue metallic paint and
the chrome grill. I'm a happy camper. Meanwhile, I've got yet another bullet
backordered with Kevin of Kevin's Harps - a gray finish Astatic with a volume
control and XLR - can't wait to try that one, either.

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