catalogue/ tab book

Hello folks,
        Upon mention a few weeks back of a good tab book for harmonica
(Blues Harmonica), I called up Kevins Harps (1-800-274-2776) and ordered
the beast.  It's fantastic, best music notation for harp I've seen yet for
all levels of harp solos, primarily Little Walter and Sonny Boy
Williamson, thanks!!  Moreover, what I really  want to mention is Kevin's
catalogue, it's got more than just great prices on all models of harps/
tool kits/ mikes/ literature but also has comprehensive articles on the
latest chromatic harps as well as a discussion of the new Pro harps and an
excellent comparison of a good dozen mikes used by past and present
professionals.  If you folks know of any other such catalogues, I'd
appreciate a posting.

Later, Nix

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