Per bo Nielsen writes
> I'm new on this list .
> I freaked out when i heard about this list.
> I'm from Copenhagen ( Denmark).
> I play in a blues trio ( chicago style) , with 2 guitar's and
> me on the harp.
> I play on Hohner pro harps, and a green bullit mic.
> I use a Marshall amp.
I love Copenhagen.  I visited there in '85 and again in '86.  I'd
like to go back some time.

> Now to my question ???????????
> I was down at my local music shop yesterday.
> I had to buy a c-harp and a f-harp.
> The guy at the shop gave two new models of the pro-harp, and told
> med that hohner stoped making the old models.
> The worst things is that the new model is a waste of money, it's
> no good, there no sound in it, it's impossibel to play on, it's
> a really shitty harp.
> I hope the guy at the music shop is telling my a lie.
> Have any of you guy's heard any rumors about hohner is stopping
> the productions of the "old" pro harp.
> By the way the new pro-harp is one of those you can repair, you
> can buy spare parts to it.
I had heard that new Marine Bands were being made repairable now,
too.  If the sound of those has deteriorated as well, there will
be some very unhappy harp players.

Now that Hohner seems to be copying Lee Oskar, why don't you try
one of Oskar's harps?  I've been playing them for three years,
and I like their consistency.  They aren't perfect, but what is?
They are made by Tombo in Japan, and might be more easily found
in Denmark under that name.  If you would like a mail order source
in the U.S., just ask.


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