Hohner's New Harps

Welcome Per Bo and Hello others,

I am interested in the changes Hohner is making.  I bought the new "Big
River" harp and in the literature several models were mentioned which could
use the same reed plates.  I have not seen other harps of the "Standard"
system, but I heard Phil Wiggins, (Piedmont Blues player), tell that
the Marine Band would be replaced by a "new style" Marine Band harp.

Per Bo, Is this the new style that you bought?  Sometimes the new stuff
starts in Europe and trickles over to the U.S.A.

I don't know if I like the "Big River Harp".  It is big.  Looks a lot like
Lee Oskar, except the brass edges of the reed plate still define the edges
of the holes like on a Golden Melody.  I like this feature and the contour
of the covers.  There are no sharp edges, But.... The sound is a lot like
Lee Oskar.. And squeaky on overblows.  So I just play mine in 1st position
while I try to figure out if it is a good system or not.

My favorite is the Golden Melody.  Especially when I get the reeds adjusted
right so I can overblow or make a nice mellow tone.  It fits my hands for a
great closure which gives me a big contrast from fully muted to wide open.

Let us know about your Hohner Pro Harp.  Did it come with literature which
talked about the new Computer Controlled production line at Hohner?  If so,
I would bet that these harps are all part of the new standard line that
Hohner is making.

Best Regards,


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