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I'm new on this list .

I freaked out when i heard about this list.

I'm from Copenhagen ( Denmark).
I play in a blues trio ( chicago style) , with 2 guitar's and
me on the harp.
I play on Hohner pro harps, and a green bullit mic.
I use a Marshall amp.

Now to my question ???????????

I was down at my local music shop yesterday.
I had to buy a c-harp and a f-harp.
The guy at the shop gave two new models of the pro-harp, and told
med that hohner stoped making the old models.
The worst things is that the new model is a waste of money, it's
no good, there no sound in it, it's impossibel to play on, it's
a really shitty harp.

I hope the guy at the music shop is telling my a lie.
Have any of you guy's heard any rumors about hohner is stopping
the productions of the "old" pro harp.

By the way the new pro-harp is one of those you can repair, you
can buy spare parts to it.

Per Bo Nielsen
Dansk Data Elektronik.

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