In response to the individual who was debating vocal verse "classic" blues
harmonica mikes (ie green bullet/ astatic) I'd definately suggest an
old vocal mike.  If you can't afford both, an old vocal mike
has far more versatility than an astatic.  Furthermore, get a high impedance
mike (two contacts, ground and a +) as apose to a low impedance (three
contacts, two grounds and a +) primarily due to cost and the ability to
directly plug into a guitar amplifier without shelling out $$ for a
transformer.  A volume control on the mike is also key for wailing.
Lastly, I wouldn't spend more than $30 for the mike and $15 for the cable
plus connectors.  Hence call all the pawn shops in your area.  Salt Lake,
the grungy town that it is had several choices.  I settled on a Shure
PE585V Uniball high impedance mike with volume control for $25.  Although
mike connectors are not made anymore for these mikes, coax video couplers
at Radio Shack work quite well.
                                        Good Luck- Nix

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