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Hi all,

A friend of mine who knows that I am into Harp told me loaned me this
month's issue of Playboy, in which is an interview of Dan Aykroyd.  It
was a LONG interview, but only a little was said about him and music. 
I have typed this part, in efforts to share it with you all.  Like I
said, it is short, but it is interesting.  Plus Dan makes reference to
a Harper which I have heard of from the list at list once (I think).

Anyway, here it is:

Playboy:  Even though John (Belushi) is dead, we've heard the Blues Brothers 
are making a comeback.  Why?

Aykroyd:  Well, after John died I thought that would be it.  But right
after, I met this friend, Isaac Tigrett, who had lost two brothers to
tragic circumstances, and his grief was so much bigger than mine could ever
be.  He helped me to get over John's death.  We became partners in the Hard
Rock Cafe enterprise east of the Mississippi.  He ran it, built several
restaurants, went public and sold the company for a hundred million English
pounds.  So I'm out of that, but every time we opened a Hard Rock Cafe, the
Blues Brothers band came together.  The original band.  For a while our
co-singer was Sam Moore of Sam and Dave.  Then the band asked if we would
liscense them the name so they could tour.  Judy (John's wife) and I said,
"Go for it"; we get a small percentage of the take.  I go out and play the
harp sometimes.  We do "Soul Man" and "Knock on Wood".  We rip the house

Playboy:  How do you rate your musical abilities?

Aykroyd:  I'm a great emcee-front man and I can move onstage.  It's funny
and exciting to see a man of two hundred-plus pounds moving in such a way
that it looks like he knows reasonably well where he's going and he's not
going to hurt people.

Playboy:  What are your musical tastes these days?

Aykroyd:  I listen a lot.  My favorites are the Black Crowes, Robert Cray,
Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan, Kim Wilson and the
Thunderbirds.  There's also a new band called Blues Traveler with an
amazing new young harmonica player named John Popper.

That was the meat of the music talk.  Any comments?

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