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    George writes....

    >For Howard Levy recordings (at least as far as Bela Fleck is concerned,
    >the first album (BF& the Flecktones and third album UFO Tofu) are the
    >best IMHO.  Does anyone know of other albums he is one and what the label
    >is?  I know he recently did one or two tracks for a group called THE
    >NUDES which should be out in the Fall.
    >George Boziwick     NYPL

    I purchased a Howard Levy tape about two years ago. It is titled "Howard
    Levy - Harmonica Jazz". Produced by Tall Thin Records #TTR101, dated 1987.
    (Sounds like his own company - as you may know Howard is tall, about 6'6"
    and thin). It is a good quality, CRO2, tape. This was apparently produced
    prior to his affiliation with Bela Fleck. The price on the tape is $10.00
    and it lists the following address for information..
    (Note: This tape is 6 yrs old - address may not be current)
        Howard Levy
        8711 Avers Ave.
        Skokie, IL 60076

    Or try Farrell - $10.00 + $1.50 mailing charge (in his May 1992 catalog)
        F & R Farrell Co.
        P.O. Box 133
        Harrisburg, Ohio 43126

    Other artists on the tape are - Bob Gustafson - Piano, Eric Hochberg -
    Bass & Paul Wertico, Drums. Besides Harmonica, Howard plays Piano, Jew's
    Harp and Percussion on this album.

        Side A - You're My Everything (Dixon, Warren, Young) 5:17
                 Donna Lee (C. Parker) 3:35
                 Epistrophy (T. Monk) 9:50
        Side B - Wise One (J. Coltrane) 7:18
                 Resolution (J. Coltrane) 6:05
                 The Beauty Around Us (H. Levy) 4:07
                 Howard's Blues (H. Levy) 4:00

                   Total time = 39:32
                                                I like it! - Jack Ely

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