Randy's questions

Re:Randy's question about suggestions on overblowing/overdrawing?

Hi Randy,  Try this:  Get your G harmonica out and try to form you mouth
the way you would to bend a 9 blow but instead move to hole 6 and blow.
If you still have problems try this:  Take the covers off and stop the 6 blow
reed with your finger while blowing into the harp and making the same mouth
shapes as you would while trying to bend 9 blow down.  You should get the
overblow which is 3 half steps above the standard 6 blow note.  Then after
you have heard the note you can try it without blocking the blow reed.

Try this on a Hohner first because the Lee Oskar makes squeaky sounds and
some Huangs are also difficult to overblow.

If you still have trouble, give me a call some evening or weekend and I'd be
happy to demonstrate the sounds over the telephone.  Home phone 303-669-4293

Perhaps Steve Jennings can shed some light on this because I read that he
was playing satisfactory overblows on the Lee Oskar harp.  Steve... Say it
ain't so!

For the Hohner catalog items and good prices call Kevin at Kevin's Harps.
He sells discount harps mail order and will talk your ear off about harmonica
on His 800 number at His expense.  1-800-274-2776.


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