Valve harp

 > I have played the valved ProMaster.  SAVE YOUR MONEY
 > Bending the blows are difficult and inaccurate.  Also,
 > you cannot overblow
 > or overdraw on them with the valves.  It is a waste of
 > money.
Any suggestions on overblowing/overdrawing? I have been utterly unable to do
this. I have read descriptions of how, but they make no sense to me. Can you
suggest any recorded music that offers good examples, so I can know what this
sounds like?
 I was suspicious of the ProMaster line, as well as the Hohner Meisterklasse, in
terms of whether they offered any sound
that justified their high cost. The Suzuki Folk Masters aren't bad little harps
_ they sound particularly good amplified, I have found.
 A harp I have tried lately and have been very pleased with is the Hohner Big
River Harp. It's a little larger than a typical diatonic, with a bigger sound
chamber, and it's tuned a little brighter than typical Hohners, I think. You can
get some nasty bends out of the reeds, too, and it has a Lee Oskar-esque reed
plate replacement system. I'll probably pick up a few more.
  Then again, I like Huang Silvertones _ a fact that causes many harp players to
blow their noses in my general direction. And I prefer my current transistor amp
_ a Fender Princeton Chorus _ to the tube amps I've had in the past. Heresy!
  Final observation/question: Anyone got an address I can write to or a phone
number I can call to get a Hohner catalog?

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