Re: "Blues Harmonica Collection" fake book

I have to agree with the injunction to LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. I
personally have not found it worth my time to learn to read music,
because I have to "hear" something in my head before I can play it,
and it's quite difficult to pick up the feel of a rhythm from written
notation (this may be, in fact probably is, a very personal thing). I
use my own harp notation to remember what I've played, but that only
works for things I've already played. I have never been able to pick
up something new just by reading it.

As far as tablature, what I meant earlier was that it is very useful
when you're listening to a record and saying "How did he DO that??"
Good tablature can answer those questions -- there's a book on Sonny
Terry's harp playing that is an excellent example of this.

OTOH, Glover's books are pretty rotten, both for tab and in general. I
think he's a terrible writer, and his tab is hard to read and not
especially helpful. I don't think I got anything to play out of his

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