I'm glad to hear there is a mailing list devoted to the harmonica.

I've had a hard time finding information, instruction, tips, songs,
etc. and hope that this mailing list will help my playing improve.
I consider myself an "intermediate beginner", able to pick out a few
tunes, but ignorant of the finer points of note bending and other
techniques that can take me beyond "Turkey in the Straw" and
"Oh Susannah".

My musical preference is the blues, but I also like folk.  My learning
technique to this point has been to play along with old blues songs and
ZZ Top while I commute to work.

I hope specifically to learn more about the following:
    -  The best ways to teach myself blues harp.
    -  People and resources in the Detroit area
    -  Sources for songs
    -  The differences in available harmonicas

If I can eventually get good enough to become a regular contributor to
this mailing list, I'll be a happy man.


Jeff Wilson
Ray, Michigan

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