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Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 17:17:00 EST
From: "JACK ELY"
Subject: Re: New Patent
Posting-date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 00:00:00 EST

    >> Ken Ficara ficara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes...

    >> Anyone know anything about this? It's been reported in at least two
    >> places (including the NY Times) that William R. Epping, a Hohner
    >> employee, was granted a patent for "the first blues harmonica to play
    >> all the notes of the chromatic scale." One article said that it looked
    >> just like a regular diatonic, "but incorporates an additional set of
    >> vibrating reeds that gives it additional range." Sounds like a
    >> chromatic??
    >> This was on page D2 of the Feb. 1 NY Times. The patent number is
    >> 5,182,413.

    Straight skinny from R. Farrell who is a friend of W. R. Epping.

    The harmonica is called the "Slide Harp". It is in the Hohner catalog.
    It is actually a re-worked Koch, Richter tuned, chromatic - Hohner added
    valves (windsavers) and put new cover plates on it. I don't know how
    Epping managed to get a patent on it - forgot to ask.

    Here's some info on the Hohner CX12 - Farrell says it is very well
    engineered. Dick Gardner of the "Cats" and expert repairman says it's
    great! More powerful than the Hohner 270, excellent lower octave response.
    Breaks down quickly for cleaning the slide and mouthpiece. Is, or will be,
    available in other keys. Standard issue is Black and not very pretty but
    it is available plated in Gold, Silver and in White and Maroon colors.

    IMHO - This is the ideal chromatic harmonica for students - costs more but
    one harmonica should give excellent service for years because it is easily
    maintained - as you know most teachers eventually end up fixing or
    cleaning a harmonica for a new student.
    BSHC will raffle a gold model at BHF '93 - Donated by Farrell - gorgeous!
    Hohner is considering making it in a 16 hole model - I can't wait.
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