Re: New Harmonica Patent

Dick Anderson:

> Pardon my cynicism, but sometimes I think there's nothing new under the
> Sun (at Hohner).

George Mayhew:

>Not true, Dick!  There are new country of origin labels (China, Singapore,
>etc.), new higher prices, new advertising campaigns--"Getcher blues
>posters here!"  There's also that new chromatic, CX-12 I think, with a
>one-piece plastic cover and much simplified assembly.  I haven't figured
>out why Hohner thinks it's worth 50 or 60 bucks more than a model 270, yet.

You're right George, I got a nice laugh out of your reply, especially the
"New Higher Prices" and "New Country of Orgin".  Seriously, I stand corrected
in regard to the new CX-12.  It is a totaly new concept and I overlooked it.
My apologies to Mr. Hohner and all the little Hohners... and I promise not to
lose faith so easily in the one an only true harmonica company :-)

With regard to the overblow harp, Winslow Yerxla says he played one and the
overblows were very easy to obtain.  I wonder if it could be sold as an
add-on kit to the Golden Melody, or other overblowable harp?  I think the
inventor is applying for a patent, and is pursuing production, but alas,
the market demand may be too obscure for high volume.

"I'm warning you...  I have a HARMONICA, and I'm not afraid to use it!!!"

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