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>          "the first blues harmonica to play all the notes of the
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Dick Anderson writes:
> Just a guess....  Hohner recently introduced a 10 hole Richter tuned
> button chromatic harmonica and called it something that sounded like the
> the "Blues Harp".  Since Patents are very slow in being published, I suspect
> this patent is the result of this "new" harp.  Has anyone seen one of
> these?  Is it possible that Hohner re-arranged the blow and draw reeds to
> put all the blow reeds on one plate and all the draws on the other like
> a diatonic rather than both blow and draw on the same reed plate like a
> chromatic.  This would make it play and bend more like a diatonic blues harp.
> I have a 10 hole Richter tuned chromatic purchased from Sears in the '50s.
I bought a Koch chromatic (sold by Hohner) about three years ago.  It's
a 10 hole Richter tuned C-harmonica with a lever to raise all the notes
one half tone.  The tone is thin, the volume is low.  I haven't found it
to be very useful.  I haven't really experimented with it much, though.
When I read about the new Hohner, I thought it sounded like an improved
version of the Koch.

> Pardon my cynicism, but sometimes I think there's nothing new under the
> Sun (at Hohner).
Not true, Dick!  There are new country of origin labels (China, Singapore,
etc.), new higher prices, new advertising campaigns--"Getcher blues
posters here!"  There's also that new chromatic, CX-12 I think, with a
one-piece plastic cover and much simplified assembly.  I haven't figured
out why Hohner thinks it's worth 50 or 60 bucks more than a model 270, yet.

> Now, let's find out about that new "overblow harp" by that Doctor friend of
> Howard Levy.  IMHO, That's worthy of a patent.
Agreed.  Do you know whether there is a production deal on that one?
Lots of good ideas never make it to the market.


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