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Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 09:03:00 EST
From: "JACK ELY"@mrgate.mec.ohio.gov
Subject: Wm.Galison Tapes/CDs
Posting-date: Tue, 9 Feb 1993 00:00:00 EST

                              WILLIAM GALISON ALBUMS

    A while back I mentioned in one of my posts that F&R Farrell Co. had
    William Galison's album "Overjoyed" (Verve/Forcast). I talked to Mr.
    Farrell yesterday and he tells me he can no longer get William's tapes.
    William has turned them over to a distributor (name unknown) and the only
    way a vendor can get them is to order a package deal of everything this
    distributor handles - standard marketing procedure for distributors I
    guess. The possible good I can see from this is William's albums may be
    more visible in commercial outlets. I would suggest you have your local
    record/tape/CD outlet check their catalogs.

    Farrell still carries albums (tapes) for many harmonica artists. BTW,
    Farrell does this as a service and all money (except shipping costs) goes
    back to the artist.

                               STUFF ABOUT THE PROS

    Note: (reminder) William Galison appears on Saturday Night Live with Sting
    February 20, 1993.

    I heard from a friend in Detroit that Peter MadCat Ruth is on a McDonald's
    commercial - TV I think - I don't know if it is regional or not.

    I had a call from Don Les last Saturday. He is planning to come to BHF '93
    in April (COLUMBUS). Not as an entertainer but says he enjoys our
    friendly, down home atmosphere at our festivals. Don was in good spirits
    and sounded great over the phone. As some of you may know, he was pretty
    sick last August and could not make the SPAH festival in Chicago as
    planned. He said he did not have a heart attack, but that his heart
    stopped! fortunately he was in the hospital and they revived him. He says,
    jokingly, "You all lose, I'm back". :-)   [Well I'm glad]. Don is not a
    scheduled performer at BHF '93 but I think we might squeeze a tune or two
    out of him. (Who's Don Les, you ask? - Former bass harmonica player with
    the Harmonicats - and IMHO *THE* *BEST* jazz diatonic harmonica player,
    ever! - Eat your heart out Howard Levy).

    "Don't just play your harp, make love to it"

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