Hi, all.  I'm new to the list and Chris Pierce suggested that I introduce
myself so here goes:

I've been playing on and off for three or four years.  I like most styles
of music and play a fairly wide variety--from classical to blues--with a
variety of results.  :>

Lately, I've been picking out straight harp tunes to play when I drive
(my stereo is broken).  For some reason I've taken to TV/movie music
("Suicide is painless" from M*A*S*H, the Cheers theme, etc.).

I've also been playing a few songs with a "band" (ok, so we don't have any
gigs, don't have a name, desperatley need a singer, ...)  Our version of
"Dueling banjos" (er harmonicas and guitars :) sounds pretty good IMHO.

Frank Stuart           |   grep: dead.trees: Permission denied
fstuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx |   MMMMmmmmm, Soylent Green

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