On Sun, 7 Feb 93 19:51 EST <WALLS@WVNRTC> said:
>     I play through a Shure Green Bullet (Bingo) Microphone to a Fender
>Bassman Amp hooked to a 12 inch speaker in a closed cabinet.  If I turn
>the amp up above 3 on the 1 to 10 range, I get feedback.  This also
>happens using a Shure 56 Microphone.  I have a little Fender Amp and
>have tried other amps as well.  I always get feedback between a setting
>of 3 and 4.  Guitars playing through the same amps can go right on
>up to a louder setting with no feedback.  I've played with treble,
>bass, and mixer settings to no avail.  Even though I keep away from
>the front of the speaker, I guess playing with the acoustic microphone
>is the culprit.  It is not that I need to be a lot louder, but it is
>annoying to have to always be playing just at the upper limit.
>     Does anybody have a suggestion as to how I can eliminate the

If I'm not mistaken the reason for the mic's feedback is because it's
 a dynamic omnidirectonal (which means it absorbes the sound 360 degrees).
I would try to put an attenuator between the mic and the amp ,or i'll try to
 find a cardoid mic which has less absorbtion area.

                                            Hope this is of any help

                                                  Naftali Keren

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