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Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 14:04:00 EST
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Subject: Dr. Harp
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        Sorry about the earlier post, please ignore it. I was looking at the
        wrong file when I sent it. je

    This is an update of an earlier post by me...

                                   ASK DR. HARP

        General Interest: "Ask Dr. Harp" A new column was introduced in the
        Harmonica Dispatch January '93 issue. Dr. Harp (aka Richard Smith) has
        an international reputation as a harmonica repair specialist. Write to
        Dr. harp for a free consultation on your broken harp (or better yet
        for our circulation, just spend 5 bucks and subscribe to Harmonica
        Dispatch and read Dr. Harp's answers each month). Dr. Harp sez that,
        unfortunately, many problems will require "Open Harp surgery". For a
        free repair manual ({actually about 4 xeroxed pages}) written by Dr.
        Harp send your name and address to Dr. Harp, 4532 Benderton Ct.,
        Columbus, Ohio 43220.

        UPDATE> (The Harmonica repair manual by Richard Smith is now a 14 page
        manual which has been completely redone in Word Perfect [No, I won't
        post it here] and printed on BSHC's new, BRAG BRAG, NEC Laser printer;
        thanks to my co-editor Connie. We had it reproduced and bound at
        Kinko's and it really looks nice. No offense to Dick but we didn't
        have the heart (harp?) :-) to send the original typewritten, single
        spaced (yeachh) document. The original offer still holds! It's free!
        But I can't say how long - due to budget, etc. - Write for your copy
        at the address above and while you're at it include a question for DR.
        HARP or submit an article for the HARMONICA DISPATCH. Thanks!)

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