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Date: Thu, 7 Jan 1993 11:28:00 EST
From: "JACK ELY"@mrgate.mec.ohio.gov
Subject: Reply to Blown Reeds Posts
Posting-date: Thu, 4 Feb 1993 00:00:00 EST

    1. First I would like to dispel the rumor that Farrell is out of business.
    He is still very much in business. Write or call for a brochure on his
    products. He carries several brands of harmonicas, repair tools, tuners,
    instructional books/tapes and albums (tape) of various harmonica players.

        Phone: (614) 877-3678
        Address: F & R Farrell Co.
                 P. O. Box 133
                 Harrisburg, Ohio 43216

    His kit for attaching reeds with screws and nuts comes with instructions
    and all necessary tools to do the job. The kit sold for $51.00 (in April
    '92) - this included enough screws, nuts etc. to do 70 reeds.
    He says this method works on all harmonicas - even the 4 hole Little Lady.
    (I would suggest buying the kit and then you can restock it with just the
    parts you need as you run out - unless your a tool & die guru and have or
    know where to get all the tiny drill bits, nut drivers, etc.) I would also
    suggest that you just replace one reed to start - doing an entire
    harmonica is a pretty ambitious project.

    2. To Dick Anderson - Thanks for the good info. on reed replacement - I
    didn't know the Lee Oskar kit was available - I plan to order one RSN.
    (Real Soon Now).

    3. To Bill C. - Unfortunately the Pocket Pal is only available in "C" this
    is also true of the Huang Frontiers Harp (another cheap but decent harp)

    4. To WALLS@WVNRTC - Matt & Dick Anderson both posted some good stuff on
    reed replacement today. Please note that they both say you do not have to
    replace the rivit - If you remove the replacement reed from your parts
    harp properly, the rivit will still be in it - just use the one that's
    already in your replacement reed. Results will be better - the hole in the
    read won't be unnecessarily enlarged and there's less chance of bending or
    damaging the replacement reed by trying to remove the rivet.

    5. Re: WALLS' box of old harps. - By all means keep those old harps - new
    reeds must be just about the hardest item in the world to come by. I know
    Hohner and probably no other manufacturer is anxious to sell new reeds.
    Your old harps are your spare parts depot.

    6. General Interest: "Ask Dr. Harp" A new column was introduced in the
    Harmonica Dispatch January '93 issue. Dr. Harp (aka Richard Smith) has an
    international reputation as a harmonica repair specialist. Write to Dr.
    harp for a free consultation on your broken harp (or better yet, for our
    circulation, just spend 5 bucks and subscribe to Harmonica Dispatch and
    read Dr. Harp's answers each month). Dr. Harp sez that, unfortunately,
    many problems will require "Open Harp surgery". For a free repair manual
    (actually about 4 xeroxed pages) written by Dr. Harp send your name and
    address to Dr. Harp, 4532 Benderton Ct., Columbus, Ohio 43220.

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