Re: Improvization

I improvise decently and I know nothing about theory. What did it for
me was listening to tons of music, constantly, just listening to the
playing of people who were brilliant at it -- Little Walter, Horton,
Butterfield, Popper, just to name a few. And when I heard something I
liked I picked it apart and didn't try to learn it note for note but
tried to play with it. And of course, I play a lot, alays doing things
I don't expect msyelf to do. This fucks me up a lot, of course, but{I'm playing
 alone for the most part so it's okay.

I wish I had the opportunity and/or time to play with other people
more often but that's how I got where I am (wherever that is. :) Also,
if you really get into a groove or a riff, really swing with it, then
you can often just start going off on other things rooted in that


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