Re: Improvization

I can't seem to solo either.  I mostly end up wailing on the root notes of the
blues progression. Over a G progression on a C harp that usually means 3 blow
over the G, 4 blow over C, and 4 draw over D.  I mostly play these notes along
with 3 draw.  Sometimes I go up to the G note at 6 blow like this:
        (4) (5) 6
I seem to only be able to use about 3 holes in my playing.  How do good harp
players make there playing so interesting and varied?  I can play repeating
riffs like the 'I'm a Man' riff: 3 4 (3) 3
and the Hoochie Coochie Man riff : 3 (4) 3 (3) 3
or the 'Spoonful' riff : (3b)) 3 (3b) 3 (3b)     3

but I can't play those long solos where the guy seems to play a hundred notes.
I think a getting harp lessons would be very valuable.  Having someone there to
demonstrate hear would be much better than trying to figure out licks.
Does anyone know of a great book+tape combo that helped them with intermediate
and on up?

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