The Gb scale.

  I've been working out the note progression of each key using the circle
of fifths diagram and it works out nicely for each one except for Gb. 
According to the circle you get:

  Gb Ab Bb B C# D# F

  However I believe theory dictates that each progression should have one
of each note (ABCDEFG) just with sharps or flats to make the intervals
correct.  The Gb scale as written doubles the B note and is missing an E
note.  What is the correct progression?

  Next point.  The same message described how to build diminished and
augmented chords.  I know that major chords follow a I III V pattern (C E
G).  The question is are minor chords made with a I IIIb V progression?    
(C Eb G)

  Finally what does it mean to play a harp in let's say Lydian mode?  I
realize that you are playing a C harp in a song written in the key of F,
but what does that mean in practice?  Do you just pick out the notes on
the C harp that fit in the F key and play them exclusively?  If so
could you eliminate all other positions simply by having a harp in every
possible key?  Thanks.


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