Slide Harp/Koch

About ten days ago, I posted a request for reviews and info on the Hohner
Slide Harp #7312 and/or Koch harmonica. I received some good responses,
but still haven't received an answer to my questions 
as to how well it bends, especially on the #2 and #3 draws? One response
I have gotten is that for the same money I should buy a 10 or 12 hole
Chromatic. Well, I have and have had several Chromatics and while I
can play them, I still prefer diatonic harps, including altered tunings
like the major 7th (raised 1/2 step on #5 draw), the Melody Maker type
(same as major seventh, but with the #3 blow raised a full step) and
also simply tuning the #3 blow up a full step with the #5 draw remaining
as is, giving a complete 1st position scale starting from #2 draw (major
5th of the first octave). 
The reason why I'm considering buying a Koch or Slide Harp is the 
similarity in tuning and thus when learning a song on one, I can more 
easily transfer to the other, including whatever bends or overblows are 
necessary. If it is a fact that bending on a Koch/Slide harp is difficult 
or unsatisfactory, then I don't want one. Thus the similarity or lack of 
similarity to a major diatonic (not the slide) for the Koch/Slide Harp is 
the key questions.   Thanks,  ROB

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