Re: 16-hole chromatic recommendations?

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George Mayhew wrote...
 > After the holidays, I'm finally going to purchase a new 16-hole chromatic.
 > I've been playing a Hering Professional for 2 years, & I really dislike it.

 > I'm considering the Hohner Super 64 and Super 64X models. If I'm not 
 > mistaken, one difference between them is the plastic comb on the 64X.  Are 
 > there other differences?

Reply from ???
>> They all have plastic combs, including the 64 Chromonica. I believe the 
>> Super 64X has different reeds that are supposed to be superior, longer- 
>> lasting & louder, but an owner of that instrument will have to address that.

Another difference in the 64X is the double thickness reed plates (actually two 
reed-plates on each side). This gives the reeds more of an aperture to swing 
through - this and the ?beryllium/copper? reeds probably contribute to the nice 
(IMHO) low end response and tone. The double thickness is cut away (chamfered?) 
on the higher reeds - they don't need it and in fact would probably choke. Oh, 
also, the comb on the 64X is a clear Lucite It has black cover plates, and a 
gold plated mouthpiece. I like it.

I also like my gold plated Super 64. I have two regular (silver) Super 64's and 
for some reason the gold is the best - in fact one of my favorites. I don't 
know if this batch was put together better or just dumb luck or what.

My all time favorite is the old model Hohner 64 with wood comb. Sweet, mellow 
and responsive - but not as loud as the plastics. If you have one, keep it - if 
it's in bad shape, get it fixed - but not by Hohner - They'll offer you a new 
plastic model at "cost" and keep your old one. I fell for that once.

Hering came real close to duplicating this instrument in their earlier 64's but 
they lacked quality control and perhaps good reed material. Too bad they went 
to plastic - although my only real gripe with the new Herings is the mouthpiece  
which seems to be about a foot too tall.

I can't comment much on 12 holers - I seldom play them. If you insist on a 12 
hole - give Farrell a call. About a year ago he was selling the Hohner 270 for 
$59.97 and for an additional $15 (total $75.00) he would replace reed plate 
nails with bolts, de-burr the slide, and moisture-proof the comb (which is 
wood).  NOTE: New orders only - They do not do repairs.
      F & R Farrell Co., P.O. Box 133, Harrisburg, Ohio 43216 (614) 877-3678

Jack Ely          ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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