Heard on NPR's Morning Edition

I always appreciate the musical segways you hear on Morning Edition
and All Things Considered.  They have great tastes and they aren't
afraid to let the music run for 30-60 seconds, long enough to make its
point.  This morning I was all grins when I heard the last 30-odd
seconds of Mike Turk's "Tin Sandwich Swing".  It was the second time
I've heard this tune in this spot on NPR.  The tune is from Mike's
"Harmonica Salad -- Jazz & Blues".  Featured on this cut is Gray
Sargent, a widely-respected guitarist from the Boston area.
	Once again, for those who missed it before:

        "Harmonic Salad"
        Tin Sandwich Music
        P.O. Box 121
        Cambridge, MA 02140
        (800) 932-2018
        $15, including shipping and handling ($20 for international)

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