Re: chromatic recommendations? plastic or wood

I believe that the wood in a harmonica can be "sweetened" just as the wood
of a clarinet, or violin.  The more you play it, the better the wood will
resonate.  I am associated with many chromatic players who definitely  
prefer the wooden comb 64 over a plastic.         

However, Jerry Murad says that plastic is more durable.  As you 
may know, Jerry Murad is the original HARMONICAT and says that
he made the suggestion to the Hohner company many years back
that they change the comb to a plastic.  Infact, he claims to 
have been the first person to make a plastic replacement comb
for his "old style" 16 hole chromatics.  Remember, the "old
style" 16 hole models had slides similar to the 12 hole, but
had round holes on the mouthpiece.

In any event, there is more involved with the sound production
than the material of the comb.  There is the alloy out of which         
the reeds are made.  The alloy out of which the reed plates are      
made.  The material out of which the cover plates are made.
Whether the reed plates are fastened with screws or nails makes
a difference too.  

So to sum it all the Super Chromonica (12 hole) and
have the nails replaced with screws.  After all, you really
don't need four octaves....the extremes of the 64 are comprimises


George W. Mikas 

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