16-hole chromatic recommendations?

After the holidays, I'm finally going to purchase a new 16-hole chromatic.
I've been playing a Hering Professional for two years, and I really dislike

I'm considering the Hohner Super 64 and Super 64X models.  If I'm not mistaken,
one difference between them is the plastic comb on the 64X.  Are there other

Randy gets less volume from his 64 Chromonica than from his 12-hole Super 
Chromonica.  Is that typical of Hohner 16-holers?

My harmonica mentor really likes a CX-12 he bought a few months ago.  Is there
a CX-16 in the works?  If so, I would add it to my list.

As usual, I'll appreciate any comments, recommendations, advice, and shared

George Mayhew

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