Song info wanted

I got a tape from a friend  which contains a compilation of chicago-blues style
harmonica songs, but unfortunately it does not mention the names of the players
and I'm not even sure if the titles of the songs are the real titles.
I would like to know the name(s) of the players of two songs, one which is
probably called 'sugarcoated love' (if you wanna know what sugarcoated love is/
its the best love that they've got/ it's the kind that makes the old feel young/
and make the north-pole hat etc. etc.) And which has a harp in B-flat (probalbly
second position, so the rest of the band must be in F.)

The other song is probably called 'I wanna love you' (I wanna love you/ I gotta
love you baby/ 'cause you know I'm a fool about you etc. etc. ) It has a harp in
A, probably second position. One distinguishing feature is a background-choir 
that sings 'wo-o yeah-yeah' when the harmonica is playing.

Hope somebody can give me a clue...
Bart de Boer.   

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