Slide Harp/Koch

 In response to Rob Frantz...

 > Can anyone give me a review of the new Hohner Slide
 > harp #7312. Long ago
 > I owned a Koch, but misplaced it and never put it to
 > much use. Is this
 > Slide Harp superior? How well does it bend, especially
 > on holes #2 & 3.
 > I prefer diatonic, but do play Chromatic for some
 > songs. Does anyone out
 > there find much use for a Koch or Slide Harp, which I
 > assume is of similar
 > construction?

The Slide Harp, unlike the Koch, has valves (pieces of plastic) over the reeds,
like a true chromatic, although it is tuned like a diatonic. This gives it a
louder sound. However, I'd just spend a few bucks more and spring for a
Chromonica or a Super Chromonica if I were you. Both have superior tone, in my
opinion, and I found the adjustment from diatonics to chromatics to be pretty
easy, really.

Along the same lines - has anyone played the Huang chromatic/Suzuki Leghorn? I
like the Hohners fine except for the square holes - I prefer the round ones the
big chromatics have, but the smaller chromatics are considerably louder (there's
a huge difference between my Super Chromonica and my 64 Chromonica).

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