Harmonica Ministry

Hello Readers!

Please allow me to tell you about another harmonica trio that I have
been involved with for the past 9 years.  The name of the group is:


The HARMONICA BOYS come from Heritage Baptist University in Indianapolis
Indiana.  The members of the group are Russell Dennis, Jr., (chromatic,
sextet, harmonetta, diatonic), and his brother Daniel Dennis (chromatic,
and chord).  From time to time, they have had a bass harmonica player
who is a student at the college, however at this time, their bass player
is myself, George Miklas.

The HARMONICA BOYS book performances as often as humanly possible, always
leaving time for their respective families, studies, and University
responsiblities.  They can easily book 150 engagements in any given
calendar year yeilding an average of 3 performances per week.  Their
performances are primarily in Baptist churches, however, they do consider
other public and private performances to present the gospel along with
their unique harmonica ministry.

My involvement with the HARMONICA BOYS began in 1984, the same year that
I began playing chord harmonica with the HARMONICATS.  Over the past 9
years, I have served as arranger, musician, teacher, and friend.  I have
helped to break in three bass players, all of whom eventually became
preachers, got married, or went on to other ministries.

I have come to really enjoy my friendship with the Dennis'.  In the
last 15 months, we have completed two Christmas banquet tours and I have
never enjoyed myself more.

Indianapolis is a 370 mile drive for me, but I enjoy the friendship,
and I LOVE to play the harmonica!


 For more information, or availability, contact:

                         Heritage Harmonica Boys
                         Heritage Baptist University
                         1301 W. Countyline Road
                         Indianapolis, IN  46142
                         Phone:  (317) 882-2327

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