RE: Women harpers and the Little Lady?

>Seeing CarolynUs post made me wonder how many women we have on the 
>Harplist. I hope we will hear more from her and others. I would make 
>special appeal to the fairer sex to submit to the Harp Tape-our harmonica 
>machismo wants feminine counterbalance. I would really like to know of 
>women who played or play the harp. I've read the few books I can find about 
>the blues, but can find no mention of female harpists. Memphis MInnie? Big 
>Mama Thorton, maybe? Who? 

I'm not a woman yet, but I'm working on it 8^)  

Seriously, I wanted to mention Little Annie Raines who plays in the Boston
area.  She is currently working with guitarist Paul Rishell.  I'm not sure if
she plays on his new album for Tone Cool (his second for that label). 

						Brian Rost
						DEC, Hudson, MA


	      "I don't have anything against making a profit"
							-Frank Zappa


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