Re: Moustaches/Moothie/other names

Jack Ely wrote........

 Some stuff deleted........

>  Several years ago I compiled a list of several harmonica nicknames
>and published them in Harmonica  Dispatch. I think I'll do it again
>and use the new ones I've learned here. 

	 A great idea Jack, I for one would like you to do it.

> Re: Moustaches
> > 
> > I have gotten moustache hair caught in harmonicas many times and every
> > time it's a real pain. <...del...>
> > 
> Try a TOMBO Folk-Young chromatic. The slide assembly is so flat it will trim 
> your mustache as you play. :-)

	 Lots of amusing stuff deleted to save bandwidth.

I think this posting is on of the best/funniest I've read this year Jack.

 Keep it up.

 Happy Christmas.

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