For the tape....

ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I would make special appeal to the fairer sex to submit to
> the Harp Tape-our harmonica machismo wants feminine counterbalance.
> Now, I've got a trivia question. I just bought a Little Lady and a Piccolo
> Harp to give to my eight year old daughter for Christmas (she learned Mary
> Had A Little Lamb on one of my harps-now I'm teaching her blues licks. Dig
> that! Eight year old female blues harper.). Does anyone know if any of the
> harp masters gave recording space to these tiny instruments? (Little Lady
> MUST be the tiniest musical instrument in the world. If not, what?) How
> about the national and international contests? Is there a catagory for
> these?

Actually, I'd love to get your daughter on the tape as well!  And it would be
REALLY cool if someone offers up their submission on the "Little Lady!"
There's still a whole bunch of room on the tape!


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