Women harpers and the Little Lady?

Seeing CarolynÕs post made me wonder how many women we have on the 
Harplist. I hope we will hear more from her and others. I would make 
special appeal to the fairer sex to submit to the Harp Tape-our harmonica 
machismo wants feminine counterbalance. I would really like to know of 
women who played or play the harp. I've read the few books I can find about 
the blues, but can find no mention of female harpists. Memphis MInnie? Big 
Mama Thorton, maybe? Who? 

Now, IÕve got a trivia question. I just bought a Little Lady and a Piccolo 
Harp to give to my eight year old daughter for Christmas (she learned Mary 
Had A Little Lamb on one of my harps-now I'm teaching her blues licks. Dig 
that! Eight year old female blues harper.). Does anyone know if any of the 
harp masters gave recording space to these tiny instruments? (Little Lady 
MUST be the tiniest musical instrument in the world. If not, what?) How 
about the national and international contests? Is there a catagory for 

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