Need to know particulars about HARP-L tape

I do have some live recordings of the KEEP ON HARPIN' group.  In the
five years that we were together, we never got into a studio to do even
a demo tape.  I will find some of our best tunes/arrangements and submit

I need a mailing address from the person who is taking care of gathering
the samplings.  Also, if a deadline is presently known, I need that too.

Also on that tape, I will include some of what Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
are doing these days.  The harmonicats currently have Jerry Murad on
Chromatic, Al Data on Chord, and myself on Bass.


*  George W. Miklas, Harmonicat, P.O.Box 292, North Lima, OH  44452   *
*  ah567@xxxxxxxxxxx <> harmonic@xxxxxxxxxx    Phone: (216) 549-2684  *

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