Re: Blues Harmonica Trio

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> Is there any interest for Blues Harmonica accompanied by Bass and
> Chord Harmonica.  During the years 1979 through 1984, I was part of
> such a trio of harmonicas in the Youngstown, Ohio area.  The name of
> the trio was KEEP ON HARPIN'....the name was a take off of the Charlie

>Why don't you submit some of your stuff for the harp-1 Tape??? I know I'd
>love to hear some variety on the tape. 
>							-Todd

I've had the pleasure of hearing KEEP ON HARPIN' several times. Great! 
Innovative and original. Wish they were still together. Hey George, I second 
the motion - got anything on tape you can submit to HARP-L tape #1.

Jack Ely          ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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